The Binary Crew

A Summers Festival

Boo'Taa has your back, yeah!

Scene 1 – Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…


The adventure begins with the crew of the Binary making their way back planet side, hoping to land before losing power permanently. Having not received enough of a charge before leaving, the crew had no choice but to return to the planet. On their approach, they were hailed by "Space Traffic Control" and put into a holding pattern to await approach vectors. 

Looking into it, they discovered there was about a 30 minute wait time, and that there were about 18 other ships in the immediate area in similar holding patterns. They weren't sure if their power would hold out that long, so "Lomney-5" hailed STC back requesting an emergency override. After a few moments of waiting, and a scan, they were given clearance to land.

Power cuts out on the approach for 5-10 seconds, giving everyone a frightful scare of a horrifying crash landing. However, the combined piloting efforts of Lomney-5 and U-42 are successful, and they pull off what could only be described as a miraculous landing maneuver with little to no power remaining. Just as they touch down, the last ion of power fades out.

Using the emergency hatch, which had to be manually cranked open, to leave the ship, they are greeted by this temporary landing fields "Imperial Overseer". He appeared flustered that the ship was being captained by a droid. An impatient man and clearly overworked, he hastily took down the players requests for power and relayed secure departure codes for when they wished to leave. They received notification that their ship would be charged in approximately 35hrs, and given Imperial efficiency, it was a reliable estimate. The whole interaction was done in the shadow of a massive Star Destroyer hovering ~10km west of the landing field, and a total of ~30km west of the city itself. 

With their docking fee's paid, it was time to head into the city, in search of a job. Arriving in the capitol via the Imperial shuttle service, they were greeted to a party atmosphere. The city was celebrating it's 120th colonization birthday in a giant seven day party. On the ride in, Pleskin got information of a good cantina to start looking around for work.

Scene 2 – Boo'Taa and the Magic Jawa Bean


Relying on tried and true techniques, Pleskin gets the information they were looking for with only expending a handful of credits. Sometimes, it costs a lot for information, but with the festival starting out strong on day one, many a lip are loose this day. The cantina barkeep lets the human assassin know of a couple jobs. One with a fellow named Rizzo Tythe, who's looking for a smuggler to help with a domestic issue. Information checks out given their location, even if it is a bit wierd for a Food Exporter to be looking for a smuggler.

The other job the barkeep throws in for free. A Twi'lek by the name of Boo'Taa, hangs out in District 12 by the sports stadium has work for some daring do mercenary types. Dresses with some ridiculous fur-lined jackets with a crisscrossing blue ribbon along his head-tails. Hard to miss fellow. 

Before heading out to meet either contact, the group decides to get some medical attention, dressing their wounds from their fight a couple hours earlier against the former crew of the Blue Jazz. They find a first-aid tent set up for people injured during the festival where they are able to get cheap medical attention restoring them acceptable levels.

With the crowds, and the lack of funds to spend on transportation, it takes a little over an hour to reach the arena district. They are given the impression that Boo'Taa has spotted them first, and leads them into a alley way, somewhere they can talk away from the crowds of the festival. 

"Word has reached my tails that you're looking for some credits and work. I think Boo'Taa can help you with this…" The Twi'lek is interrupted by a gruff voice from behind. "We're looking for Mr. Muddo's credits Boo'Taa. Maybe YOU can help us with that?" The big guy talking pulls a blaster carbine from a duffel bag and his two associates draw their light blaster pistols as well. 

Boo'Taa nervously responds.  "A little help here guys?? I'll make it worth your while." Roars and cheers from a nearby stadium mask the resulting blaster fire. The two groups exchange shots, moving from what little cover there was in the alley way.

A lucky shot from Pleskin makes the big guy drop his carbine, at which point Dhist makes a move to grab it. In a move that Boo'Taa later wouldn't shut up about, Dhist kills the big guy with his own gun, and the combined efforts of the crew, the other street thug also goes down. The last and final thug is given an opportunity to join the crew – however, given the situation of how his two friends were just killed by them, he opts to run away. 

With the immediate threat passed, Boo'Taa hands over his cigarettes to Pliskin and leads them to a cantina called "Magic Jawa Beans" to discuss business. There, they are treated to a meal on the house, and details on a job. Hit the imperials, cause some explosions, make a big diversion. Apparently there's a primary squad who wants a diversion at the Imperial Military Complex and are paying big money to make it happen. The crew, tight on cash and willing to do anything it seems, take the job and within an hour, have a single seat speeder with a truck of explosives and credits delivered at a drop point. Splitting the money up the crew go about some shopping for supplies, food and park the speeder at a storage facility to await it's purpose in a couple days for the assault. A cold dark night is spent aboard the Binary, but for now, at least the crew was safe, and had a job.

Scene 3 - Exporting Trouble


The next day, after having done some recon work for the assault job, the crew decides to looking into the smuggling job as well, to hedge their bets and because they had the time to do. After digging up information about Rizzo Tythe and his business, the crew are uneasy about the job. Everything about this guy and his company is legit, so why does he want a smuggler?

The negotiation at the offices of Rizzo Space Foods is short and to the point. Rizzo has a business rival who's been making moves and trying to push him out. He's worried his rival is going to use his daughter as leverage against him, so he'd like his 19 year old daughter "Ginz" smuggled off planet. If he does it by regular passenger charters, his rival will know and might send someone after here. This way, it will be less obvious and harder for his rival to track his daughter down. 

After agreeing to supply their ship, and pay them 1000cr upon word his daughter arrived safely, the crew head out to take care of some maintenance issues with their ship and some of their gear. Dhisst sets hard to work fixing armor, both on the ship and personal gear. At this point, Lomney-5 decides to done some padded armor, making him look ridiculous but well protected.

A few hours later, and a supply truck arrives. With the utility truck also present and charging the ship, it's a bustle of activity at the small landing pad around the Binary.  Droids set about their work, loading crates of supplies onto the ship, but with no girl. An easy scan shows she was smuggled aboard via the food crates. After letting her out, they begin to regret their decision. The vapid girl acts entitled and spoiled, leading the group to get frustrated with her at every turn. 

While in the process of treating her poorly, they receive a call from the father, Rizzo Tythe. He sounds like he's been roughed up, and during the call comes clean about what's really happening. It's not a business rival, but instead an Imperial Officer by the name of Commander Lolthe who's interested in his daughter. The guy is vile and violent, Rizzo just wants to protect his daughter from an abusive predator. The problem is the imperial took his shipping manifests, so it's only a matter of time before the officer figures out where he sent his daughter off to. 

Lolthe has made a deal where all is resolved if Rizzo brings his daughter to a landing pad in the city at 2am. Rizzo requests that the players deal with Lolthe there, otherwise he'll hunt them down at their ship. After debating their options, they decide it's best to just hand the girl over, not wanting to pick two fights with the Imperials during their stay on the planet. 

Tricking her to come with them into the city, they escort her to the landing bay, where she gets ever more suspicious of their activities. Atop the landing pad, Lolthe offers a deal of 2000cr for the girl. Lomney-5 attempts to bluff for more money, but the well trained Imperial Agent sees right through it. Without much debate, they sell Ginz to Lolthe right there. Obviously upset about what they've done, she promises that they'll pay for this and that he father will hear about what's happened here. As the crew leave the landing pad, fire works erupt in the sky as the celebration for the day ends in a colorful display.

A single call early in the morning from a heartbroken Rizzo Tythe is all they receive. Business is business as they say, and Lolthe had the better offer this time around. Besides, what could a spoiled 19yr old girl do to get revenge against a group of space traveling mercenaries anyways?

Scene 4 – Empirical Distractions


The big day of the imperial assault was upon the players. Well rested from the night before, despite the late night activities with Ginz and Lolthe, the players set out to the job. Having recon the area the day before, they picked their best target for assault. 

A distraction by Lomney-5 and Dhisst provided enough cover for Pliskin to set charges at critical spots on a troop transport vehicle. With mechanical information provided by Dhisst, the crew manage to achieve the explosive results while saving 3 of the charges for future use. With the stage set, the crew take positions. A stormtrooper patrol begin to question U-42 about his gun, just as Plisken sets off the explosions. The resulting fire fight is quick, with Dhisst acquiring a storm troopers rifle, and U-42 getting an auto-fire rifle from a sergeant. 

With the first wave dealt with, Dhisst sets the final 3 explosives on the path of the reinforcements, destroying several storm troopers with the surprise blast. The fire fight lasts just under a minute, with several dead Imperials scattered about the ground. Feeling confident that they've met the criteria for their distraction mission being fulfilled, they group make for their escape into the nearby festival crowds, who are in a state of confusion and panic from the explosion and battle nearby. In that rush, Plisken and Lomney-5 get seperated from the main group, with only Dhisst and U-42 staying together in the madness.

Verifying they weren't followed, the only notable sign of Imperial activity was an Imperial Shuttle flying overhead and then turning in a direction towards the Star Destroyer. Making your way to the drop point, the crowds are more jovial the further away from the compound you get. It's at this point, that you and about 100,000 other people see the same thing. A giant explosion on the bridge of the Star Destroyer that had been hovering ominously that past three days just west of the city. 

The crowds look on with stunned horror, unable to look away as the massive craft tilts off axis and towards the planets surface, disappearing beneath the city sky line. Moments pass and a massive explosion is seen, then heard and then felt. The shockwave of sound and the force of impact cause small earthquake like tremors, sending the populace in a trampling fear induced stampede. Black smoke rises high into the sky above the remains of the crashed Star Destroyer, replacing it's ominous figure from before with an even worse image of destruction. 

The crowds delay you reaching your drop point quickly, and you hope that your friends are still ok, having been separated. It's not long after the crash that every screen capable of displaying information receives a priority override to show a recording of the Imperial Governor declaring an end to the festival, martial law and prohibiting all ships from leaving the planet until the rebels responsible for the destruction of the Star Destroyer "Valorous" are found. 

Maybe if you hurry, you can make it back to your ship and make a run for it before the empire closes it's grip on the planet. But first, you need to get your credits for a job well done.



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