The Binary Crew

The Start of a Binary Thing

Episode 1: Introductions

It began with a lazy summer day on the Planet Shara'Von, over some lunch at the Three Legged Nerf cantina. An odd place that somehow became a bit of a family restaurant in the space port town of Port Hawksebury. 

A bit of an oddity compared to the other patrons, two droids, a human, a trandoshen and a bothan are meeting over some drinks to discuss business. LOM-nE5 lays out his plan to fetch his new ship from Impound, with the intent to make insane profits to get everyone rich. Having a starship tends to give it's crew the freedom and flexibility to make money if they can manage the dangers.

After lunch, the newly formed crew set out to find transport out of the town, to where the ship impound was located. The port was especially busy today, a passenger ship must have arrived earlier. The unusually crowded market breaks about in almost cliche moment, with a fruit merchant pointing directly at LOM-nE5.  A protocol droid "ROW" who works for Remie Jorge spots the LOM unit and declares to his entourage "There he is, get him!". 

Three Gamorrean thugs bowl the protocol droid over in their rush to capture the LOM unit. On the advice of the Bothan Neet, the crew flee into the crowd and back into the cantina. The Bothan stirs up a herd of Nerfs, obstructing the path of the pursuing Gamorreans. Meanwhile in the cantina, u-42 and LOM-nE5 stir up the patrons into a stampede out the front door, where Dhisst the trandoshen gets a little roughed up by the mass of people trying to escape out the front door. 

The combination of Nerf and panic'd citizenry make it virtually impossible for the Gamorreans to pursue, giving the crew the chance to escape and sneak away. u-42 mentions that he's pretty sure someone called the Imperial detachment. Plissken spots a speeder unattended nearby, and hops in with the intent to steal it. It smelled of pig and sweat.  The realization that this was one of Remie Jorge's speeders used by his men sat in for a moment, and they almost reconsidered stealing it. 

Time wasn't on their side, so they opted to zip out of town, leaving the protocol droid ROW and his three Gamorreans behind. The thirty minute trek through the country side was peaceful and refreshing. 

A sign indicating RJ Impound and Management tipped them off that they had arrived at the impound yard. The land was once a farm, but had been converted years ago to hold derelict ships, impounded vessels and any vehicles repossessed by the criminal scum Remie Jorge. A chain link fence with buzz wire along the top encircled the large plot of land. A gate with a simple lock kept unwanted visitors out. 

After some deliberation about how to enter the yard, as there was no one, not even a droid manning the guard house just inside, the Trandoshen started to slash at the fence with his claws, to weaken the links. After a few minutes, and a moderate amount of noise, he gave up and suggested they just crash through the fence with the speeder.

u-42 agreed and first smashed the speeder into one of the fence polls, damaging the speeder mildly. A second attempt was more successful and he created a large speeder sized break in the fence. Albeit loudly, it seemed to not matter as there wasn't anyone around.

The crew then slowly navigated the yard, as there was debris and salvaged junk scattered about everywhere. Within a couple minutes their speeder was struck several times by blaster fire. Security droids had become alerted to their trespassing and moved to intercept. 

u-42 parked the speeder masterfully behind cover, granting everyone a chance to hop out and return fire. Dhisst, Plissken and u42 formed a fire-line beind some cover while LOM-nE5 and Neet retreated away to circle around on a flank. 

The first three were subjected to a hail of blaster fire, as the droids focused on whomever was closest to shoot at. u42 was first to successfully blast down a droid, followed by Plissken who blasted another to smithereens. A combination of focused fire from everyone but Neet finished off a third droid. By this point Neet finished his flanking maneuver and 1-shot the remaining droid with his ION Blaster, a weapon particularly effective against droids.

With the battle over, it doesn't take long for the crew to locate their ship. LOMnE5 entered his access codes to claim the ship successfully, but found the ships power system had degraded. He and Neet set off to find some power cells or something to help charge the ship. Dhisst and u-42 try to rig up a power transfer to take the power from the speeder and help charge the ship with it. Sadly, their attempts were unsuccessful even after 20 minutes of trying.

To their rescue, LOM-nE5 and Neet return with an Imperial Utility vehicle, capable of giving ships a boost. After hooking up the ship, within minutes power starts to return allowing the crew to start booting up systems. 

However, their efforts were interrupted by the arrival of a second speeder. LOM-ne5 former crew arrived, and they weren't happy.  "LOMne5!", declared the human. "Get your malfunctioning chasis out here! You think you could sell our friend into slavery and we wouldn't find out!? You're due a memory wipe", he then looks at his compatriots.  "Or worse!"

The trio rushed the ship making it to the landing ramp before anyone could reach the controls to extract it up. The rodian Raggs is the first to enter the ship, his role on the former crew being that of "Client Relations" he is greeted to a hail of blaster fire from Dhisst, u-42 and Neet. However, Raggs came armed for a fight, and his armor took a lot of the hits. Papit a sullustan navigator ducked through the blaster shots and right into the wrong end of LOM-ne5's blaster. 

Plissken, who had been on the bridge, rushed to join the battle, brandishing two pistols in his hands. 

The more experienced trio of Jackie, Papit and Raggs eventually got the upper hand on the more inexperienced crew of the Binary. Neet, Dhisst and Plissken were all down out of the fight before Raggs succumbed to his injuries. A last ditch charge and effort by u-42 managed to kick and push Jackie back down the loading ramp, for which the assassin droid ate another blaster round overloading his systems. 

LOM-ne5 was all that remained, locked in a blaster fight with Papit that was going back and forth. He knew that once Jackie came back inside, a 2 on 1 fight wasn't going to end well for him. A lucky shot ended Papit, and LOM-ne5 followed it up by another on the ramp controls, sealing himself inside the ship, safe from Jackie. 

Within a couple minutes, and all the while Jackie outside throwing a tantrum, LOMne5 managed to get a few crew members back to their senses. Quick repairs to get the ship airborne were made. Jackie was on his communicator with someone, and it was a good bet reinforcements were on the way.

Dhisst worked as fast as trandoshenly possible, getting the critical systems for flight online. Blasting off and away from the import yard, there was a wrenching sound as the Utility vehicle hadn't been detached before flight. Thinking quickly, the surviving crew broke atmosphere and took refuge on the dark side of the moon to think out their next move.

The ship hadn't received much of a charge, not enough to even make a short hyperspace jump. There was a compounding problem with the ship having no food or water aboard to sustain any of the organic life forms. 

It was decided, they'd have to go back to the planet to restock their ship. Hopefully they can find some work to pay for it all, while at the same time avoiding any blow back from Remie Jorge, and LOMne5's former crew.



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